The inspiration for a challenge

The inspiration:
On Sunday 13 October 2013 I went along to The Man Booker Prize Readings at the Southbank Centre. This is where the shortlisted authors for the prize that year read from their book and do a Q&A with the audience.  At some point in the evening I had a perfectly rational thought, that I’d like to read all the prize winning books. The less rational bit is that I thought I’d like to do it before I turn 30. I blame a number of friends (they know who they are) who have recently completed challenges before significant birthdays.

The challenge:
To read all the Booker Prize winning books by my 30th Birthday – 15 July 2016.

What this means:
The Booker Prize was started in 1969, 44 years ago (from 2013), but thanks to a couple of years where 2 winners were announced – 1974 and 1992* (!), the additional 2 winners who will be announced before my 30th Birthday, and the fact that I’ve only read one past winner (The Life of Pi by Yann Martel) there are a grand total of 47 books to read in the next 32 months and 8 days.

A bit about me:
I’ve always loved reading and have happy memories of it as a hobby throughout my life so far. However, I’m no literary buff (A-level English Literature certainly doesn’t count), I usually read what takes my fancy or what friends and family recommend or lend me at a pace that varies greatly and fits in with whatever if going on in my life at that point in time. But I love a challenge, especially one I can make a list for and work my way through.

My plan:
I plan to write about each of the winning books I read on my adventure, at the moment there’s no specific plan about what order I’m going read them in or what I’m going to write, as with all adventures I think it should be a fluid thing that evolves as I go along!

Join me on my adventure and please feel free to share your thoughts, comments and questions on what I write – and suggest which one from the list I should read next!

My ticket to the prize readings 2013 - where it all began!

My ticket to the prize readings 2013 – where it all began!

The booklet of all the winners so far
The booklet of all the winners so far

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4 Responses to The inspiration for a challenge

  1. Annabel says:

    What a great idea! Let me know the best ones and how you get on!! You godda lodda reading to do! Good luck xx

  2. Helen says:

    Here’s hoping they don’t announce 2 winners for ’14 and ’15! And I guess the book club should choose from this list if we want to keep seeing you 🙂 good luck buddy! Xx

  3. Katie says:

    Such a great idea Amy! You always inspire me to better at things! Thanks for making Christmas/birthday presents easy for the next couple of years. Good luck! Xx

  4. Gemma says:

    This is awesome Amy! I have meant to look at this blog for a while…
    I’m going to read the ones you review highly 🙂
    Don’t make your eyes go squiffy! And I really hope they don’t have anymore years of double prize winners!!

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