Some more thoughts on the challenge…

I’ve started reading my first book from the list, in pursuit of order (I’m a project manager by day, it goes with the territory) I decided to start with the first prize winner from 1969 ‘Something to answer for’ by PH Newby and in my excitement to get started I just downloaded it onto my Kindle.

I’m still at odds with my kindle and whether I like reading books on it or not. To some extent it serves a great purpose in providing a small, portable way of carrying lots of books around (especially important on holidays) but I really miss holding a proper book and being able to flick back to things I’ve already read easily and physically see how far through I am (there’s a good blog post on Book V’s Kindle here.)

I’ve come to a decision that wherever possible for this challenge I’m going to read real books, and I’m going to get as many as possible from the library, second hand shops and by borrowing from friends. So if you’ve got any from the list on the shelf at home let me know (thank you to Holly already for her contributions!).  This isn’t to say I won’t read any on the kindle, as always it’s good to keep your options open.

Enough for now, I’ve got a book to read. Review to follow soon.

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