Christmas distractions

I find that there are always a lot of potential distractions from reading, given that during my usual working week the bulk of my reading time is on my bus journey to and from work, just needing to drive somewhere for work instead of catching the bus to my usual office can have a big impact on the amount of time I get to spend reading each week, let alone things like the internet stopping me!

So Christmas time off should provide some extra time to focus on my challenge. However, I was given the Mo Farah autobiography as an early Christmas present from my sister, and despite being 7 pages in to my next read (John Banville’s ‘The Sea’) I decided to focus – with all the effort of a double Olympic medal winning runner – on Mo’s life story.  Running (however slowly) alongside reading is a big love in my life and Mo is my biggest running hero. So I’ve spent the last week immersing myself in learning some more about my hero. If anyone is tempted with it as a read I’d definitely recommend it, his personality really comes through and you get an insight into what professional athletes put themselves through to reach the top of their sport.

Before I get back to The Sea , I wanted to share an article I came across on the Independent website today – Brain function ‘boosted for days after reading a novel’The Independent (Saturday 28 December 2013) … So keep reading (fiction!)

Mo Farah's Autobiography

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