That book is terrible…

So my next choice has got off to a bad start before I’ve even opened the book.

By way of an explanation, my book club at work choosing it as their next book (kindly to help me with my challenge!).

We’re quite a relaxed book club, with cake and work chat also playing quite an integral factor to our gatherings.
About 2 weeks after choosing ‘The Gathering’, murmurs of dissent turned to a decision to give up on the book for something different!

At this point I had only paid 75p to order it in to my local library and picked it up, but not actually started the book.

However, all that being said I don’t give up on a book easily (although ‘Something to answer for’ was definitely a struggle!). Also if being part of a book club has taught me anything it’s that in a room of 10 people you can all have different thoughts, feelings and opinions on every aspect of it.

So it’s with all this, a feeling of determination but also a sense of murky anticipation that h about
to start this one… Wish me luck!

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2 Responses to That book is terrible…

  1. Vic says:

    Good luck…! If anyone can finish a stinky book it’s you! x

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