Review: In a free state – V.S.Naipaul (1971 winner)

This book is set in Africa, on the course of a journey. A journey which initially appears to be a standard journey home across the country. But it soon becomes apparent that the road isn’t a safe one and the political situation in the country is volatile.

The protagonist (I don’t remember his name ever being mentioned), who is a civil servant, is joint by Linda, a colleagues wife whom he knows little of. The atmosphere in the car is tense, much like the political situation, and they veer from friendly banter to argumentative sniping – at one point ending in Linda getting out the car and storming back to the last village.

There is a constant undertone of violence throughout the book simmering under the surface which at points bubbles up into visibly violent acts, like an odd overnight stay where the hotel manager  abuses his cook in front of his guests.

I’m not really sure what I made of the book, it was easy to read but I feel quite indifferent about it and I didn’t inspired to make a note of any particular quotes I liked – which is something I usually do throughout my reading ready for writing these reviews!

Format read on: Kindle

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