The Willoughby Book Club

An aside to my Booker prize challenge

For my birthday in July I was given a gift of 3 months membership to the ‘Willoughby book club’‘.
This meant at the start of August a mystery package came through my letter box, which was my first of 3 monthly books.

My friends had bought me a contemporary membership (& told the book club a few things about me!) which means I’ll receive recently published books, other options include things like a ‘classics’ membership. My first book was ‘Capital’ by John Lanchester.

It’s a great idea for a book lover, a surprise book every month, which comes beautifully wrapped and a present that keeps on giving. So if you’re stuck for a present for a book lover (or just want to treat yourself!) I would thoroughly recommend it.




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4 Responses to The Willoughby Book Club

  1. I got a year long subscription for Christmas and I get so excited every month. And so far I’ve been interested in all the books. Pretty amazing.

  2. This is such a great idea. Are the books of a good quality? I am seriously contemplating this.

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