Review: G – John Berger (1972 winner)

I’ve got a confession to make with this review… I’ve read a couple of other peoples reviews of this book before I’ve written my own. Not the most controversial of things I know but it’s one of those little rules I made I to myself when I started this challenge and have kept to so far.  However, I really didn’t know where to start with describing this story so went looking to see what others had said.

I think my favourite opening to someone else’s book review is from Good Reads which starts ‘John Berger relates the story of “G.,” a young man forging an energetic sexual career in Europe during the early years of this century. ”

Energetic is definitely a good description of ‘G’s sexual appetite, so whilst the book begins before G is alive he soon a discovers sexual feelings when one day watching his nanny play the piano, before later having his first sexual experience with his aunt.

“First experience is protected by a sense of enormous power; It wields magic”

It’s this first experience which G compares all others against.

“First experiences are discoveries of original meaning which the language of later experience lacks the power to express”

G’s character isn’t likeable, he’s a womaniser, especially interested in other men’s wives, but he’s not overly dislikeable either.

The strangest part of the book isn’t in the prose, but the very randomly places drawings, which caught me by surprise when reading this on my kindle standing up on a packed bus en route to work! Awkward moment covered up more than once.

Format read on: Kindle

Read: September 2014

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