Review: Amsterdam – Ian McEwan (1998 winner)

I think that of all the Man Booker Prize winners I’ve read so far (12 books to date) this is the first that I’ve really felt like it’s the kind of book I would of picked to read myself! (The only others close to it would be The Blind Assassin and The God of Small Things).  So, high accolades for Mr McEwan from my perspective.

The book is short, I read it on my Kindle in less than a week’s worth of bus journey commuting (unheard of for me!). Not that a book should be judged by it’s length but it is over before it has really begun.

The story focuses on the lives of four men, who are linked by Molly Lane, a friend and ex-lover/wife to them all at some point in their lives to different degrees. The relationships between the men on the surface appear to be friendly on the whole, but the relationships are tense, and the moral issues bubbling up between them all are what drives the story forward.

Death is a theme which is present throughout the book, the story starts at the funeral of Molly Lane, is mused upon by the characters in a number of ways throughout the book including the death of a career and reputation. The bit I struggled with the most in this novel is the unlikely way in which the books ends, without giving anything away I can’t imagine it being feasible or possible – but then again that is the beauty of fiction!

Format read on: Kindle

Date finished: 21 October 2014.

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