Review: Vernon God Little – DBC Pierre

The story of Vernon G (God / Genius / Gregory) Little starts in the wake of a high school massacre in small town Texas. We understand that Vernon’s best (only) friend, Jesus, is responsible for the murder but Vernon is a prime suspect despite his ongoing claims of innocence. 

Unprotected by his slow, dim witted and permanently distracted family network – his mums distraction is for him to get a job and pay her some rent or winning the attentions of the local media man, and his aunt Pam is concerned with being fed well enough – A strange scene when a young teenage relative is up against murder charges. 

You can’t help but feel of Vernon had just one person in his life who’d been able to help and support him when this started the whole matter wouldn’t have happened, and that every other character in the book is guilty of something except slightly dim witted Vernon…. but then there wouldn’t be a story! 

It’s in these characters that Pierre presents the worst of modern America to us, poverty and greed mixed up with gun culture and child abuse. But there’s lines (usually from Vernon) that you can’t help but laugh – or at least smile at, his dry wit and odd view of the world make it entertaining reading. 

This was another library loaned audio book for me, but there was a small problem in that the tracks on the last cd weren’t in the right order, so I heard the last 3 tracks of the book (feeling a bit confused in the jump in plot but I went with the flow thinking it was a quirky storyline!) before the couple before that… It didn’t ruin it though and it’s another strong recommendation from the winners list from me! 

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