Review: Holiday – Stanley Middleton

‘Holiday’ tells the story of Edwin Fisher, a lecturer going through a crisis in his mid-thirties, following the death of his young child and the subsequent separation from his wife.

At times this novel reminded me of ‘The Conservationist’ – in that I felt like I was waiting for the novel to start, but whilst I struggled with ‘The Conservationist’ I didn’t with ‘Holiday.’ It was much more readable and the characters easier to associate with.

Whilst novels like these feel frustrating in that they’re focused on such a small section of someone’s life they also feel truer to reality in the focus on banality and small aspects of a normal life.

Fisher’s ‘Holiday’ to the English seaside is an opportunity for him to reflect on his recent separation from his wife, but he finds himself trapped by her parents who happen to by holidaying in the same town and insist on meeting with him to push him to try again.

On the whole this isn’t one of my top booker reads so far but it certainly isn’t one of the worst!

‘If I were God,’ Fisher said, ‘I’d take a great deal of pleasure in hearing someone say, “This egg’s done just right”.’  ‘It’s not often you say anything as innocent as that.’

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