Review: Hotel du Lac – Anita Brookner 

The novel tells the story of a female author who’s been ‘sent away’ by her friends for some rest and recoup station in the wake of seemingly disgracing herself by not going through with her wedding on the day. 
This old fashioned (in my view) concept made the book hard to date, although it was the winner in the early 80s which give some suggestion, although the world into which our protagonist steps also seems more old fashioned than the early 80s. 
The hotel du lac, is one of those places which could remain unchanged for generations, the clientele is made of a number of regulars seeing the summer season out to the very end, and the staff seek to know their units and foibles inside out. 
Whilst Edith seems to make friends with most of the regular guests during her stay it’s that classic holiday friendship which starts off out of curiosity to understand a little more about those around you. It inevitably ends in trying to avoid people later on. 
I wouldn’t say I have overly strong feeling about the novel and I think that’s reflective of the melancholic feels bag of the whole book, you get to the end and you’re still. It quite sure what the outcome of all of this will be for Edith.
Some favourite quotes 

“Fiction the time honoured resource of the ill at ease would have to come to her aid” 

“The beautiful day had within it the seeds of its own fragility”

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