Review: Possession – A.S.Byatt 

This was another audio book I listened to on my commute. The first couple of CDs in I was worried, it wasn’t sparking much interest in me at all – and the total of 24 hours play time was worrying me! But I not a quitter (Wolf Hall being the exception) and giving it a few more chapters to get going really paid off. 

The novel follows a number of different characters rather than focus on a couple of key protagonists. It goes in to detail about all these individuals and the background to their part of the story. Being about the academic study of literature and authors, there are even stories (and poems) within the stories, which is quite an enjoyable sojourn from the main plot. I found myself getting completely absorbed in these mini stories then coming back to the main story in the next chapter! But the flip side of this was if I had a couple of days break from the novel I would have forgotten which characters story I was part of and get confused! 

I ended up really enjoying the novel, and it all comes together in the end – which I was slightly worried it wouldn’t do at one point! 

So, perhaps a recommendation if you’ve got time to spare (maybe a long break on a beach) but it’s a slow burner so maybe not so good your commute when you want a quick fiction fix! 

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