Review: The English Patient – Michael Ondaatje

I’ve been reading this book for months and months, I think I checked it out the library last year, pre Christmas. It got so bad they stopped letting me renew it online so I had to go into the library and show them the actual book to prove I hadn’t lost it! But anyway, almost 4 months on I’ve finished The English Patient! The time it’s taken me to read it isn’t a reflection of me not enjoying it, or it being a particularly long novel, I don’t seem to have a specific excuse (reason!) to mind! 
Anyway, onto the novel. It’s set at the end of the Second World War in a half destroyed Italian villa. There are four individuals living there who each start out as very separate people but gradually become intertwined to varying degrees and develop an usual set of relationships.
The book initially centres around Hana, a nurse who has stayed behind in the villa after the bulk of the war effort moved on and out, in order to car for ‘The English Patient’. His true identity is one of the core questions of the book, he is badly burnt following a plane crash in the war and says he doesn’t know who he is.  
The two are soon joined by Caravaggio, a friend of Hana’s father and family and a war veteran who had heard she was there and sought her ought. The fourth and final main character is Kip, an Indian sapper who arrived in the area to help defuse bombs left by the retreating enemy troops. 
I’ve tried to write this so I don’t give away the identity of the English patient or how the characters relationships evolve. Although according to my husband, apparently I’m one of very few people who hadn’t read the book or seen the film, so I might be holding back too much! 
I enjoyed the novel but a result of reading a real book over a long period – and rapidly returning it to the library as soon as I’d finished is that I’ve not got any favourite quotes noted and it felt insincere to Google ideas! 
So there it is – my penultimate Booker prize winning review! Just one novel left to read, the aptly titled “How late it was, how late” in relation to my deadline for completing this challenge! 

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